Marketing Skill


Ideal for a Budget Hotel or AirBnB

You can share Anna as a Social Media Experience to your future clients. Anna will present your hotel in 3 minutes with 3 pictures. The experience is shareable on WeChat, Facebook, Line, Twitter or per email directly connected to your Hotel Booking Management.
When the guests arrive, they can access Anna with their phone and reach all the standard functions:

Check In/Out


Room Skill


Educate your guests about your rooms

Your rooms are full of amenities. And your guests ask your staff many questions about it? How does the coffee machine work? Where is the hair drier? The guests will be able to directly interact with Anna for all their questions. And your staff can finally focus on more value-added tasks!


General Service

Sales Skill


Sell more upgrades

Your offer is complex and it’s hard to communicate it to your guest?
Anna is your true saleswoman! She can propose to upgrade the room right from the entrance of the guest. She can explain your complex loyalty program. She can share all the cool promotions you have during the week.

Room Upgrade

Loyalty Program

Navigation Skill


Drive your guests to your F&B or Sports Facilites

Your large property cannot drive everyone everywhere. Anna is here to drive more traffic in your restaurant, bars, gym or swimming pool.

Bar & Restaurant

Sport & Well-being