1. Can my guests use Anna outside the hotel room?

Your guests can use Anna in all your hotel facilities as well as our copartnership venues. 

2. Do my guests have to download an app?

Your guest can access Anna directly through WeChat. She will be available in all app stores in the future, but your guests still have the choice of whether to use her on the webpage or via the app. 

3. What devices can I use with Anna?

Anna works on both Android and iOS using Chrome or Safari. 

4. Does Anna adapt to the specifications of my hotel? 

Anna is very easy to adapt to the current content in your hotel eg.Room directory, room amenities, discounts, room service… ​

5. Is Anna linked to my Hotel Management System?

If you request we can develop an integration linked to your system for you to access all relevant information.  

6. Is Anna available in multiple languages? 

Currently she speaks English and Chinese, but she is very easy to adapt to the languages that your guests speak. 

7. Can I link Anna to existing services in my hotel? 

You don’t need several apps at the same time, Anna is the all-in-one that you can link every service to. 

8. Does Anna need maintenance? 

Anna is very easy to maintain, you can manage all the content by yourself in the interface. Also she is web-based, so there’s no need to update. 

9. Can Anna come to my hotel for a demo?

Let us know you’d like an in-person demo of Anna by clicking here.

10. How long does it take to implement Anna? 

It depends on which module you take, it varies from 2 weeks to 1 month.

11. How does Anna help with my reviews?

Anna can improve your online scores by focusing on empowering and delivering an amazing service experience to your guests.