What solutions can VR bring for Covid-19 in China?

Daxue Talks interviewed Eloi Gerard from CrowsNest to know who the customers in China’s VR market are. Learn more about the solutions that VR can provide during Covid-19 in China.


Full transcript: 00:04welcome to Daxue talks00:06a show powered by Daxue consulting a00:08china-based strategic market research00:10company founded in 2010.00:12with Daxue talks you will stay up to00:14date with all the latest business00:16updates in china00:17every day you will learn from00:19china-based experts who share their00:20knowledge about the chinese market00:22in two to five minutes my name is00:25i’m in china for eight years and i now00:29have a company dedicated to vr00:31and ar based in shanghai for00:34uh five years now so uh i had the chance00:37to work with several clients you know00:39based around00:40asia uh it gives me i guess a good00:44overview of what’s happening in00:45in virtual reality and now augmented00:48reality that becomes uh from this year00:50something00:52um my clients are a travel business so i00:55have00:56people like club med like hyatt hotel00:59uh cars like pojo citroen i have01:03like a supermarket like the metro01:05supermarket and01:07logitech in technology it’s quite fast01:09it goes all around01:11usually based here in shanghai but also01:14in hong kong01:15sometimes in korea sometimes a bit01:17around01:18which travel a bit around asia how are01:21brands and companies using vr01:23in the local market can you talk about01:25some cases01:27progressively you know we we saw that01:30two markets start being developed there01:31is a market consumer market for games01:34okay which is huge now which is01:36millions of vr headsets in the world01:40uh but in china this market never01:42succeeded because01:44of of this the firewall reason and many01:47other reasons01:48uh so in china everybody’s focusing now01:50on the enterprise market01:52and uh imagining that uh several01:55companies are01:56uh can use vr for uh02:00specific purpose the main one i would02:03say uh02:04now that this is the the main request02:06that we have02:07now it’s about design so02:10let’s take an example of an architect or02:13an interviewer designer02:15wants to visualize or wants to show what02:18he’s doing to his clients or02:20to his partners and02:24and visualize the 3d model that he built02:26you know of the02:29interior that he built and uh and and02:31show it to someone this is really now02:34starting more seriously because02:36technology is really mature to do this02:37kind of thing you had a lot of software02:39adapting02:40to that so you have a lot of 3d software02:43uh who are normal compatible to vr02:45so it becomes easier to to to show that02:48kind of thing02:50and uh so we see the whole architecture02:53but like02:53construction market and then engineering02:56you know02:57start using that to visualize you know02:59like03:01engine or different difficult type of03:06things that i mean if you want to03:08visualize it in 2d it’s not the same03:10how has vr been utilized in china during03:12the covet outbreak03:14can you provide some interesting03:16examples03:18without several companies thought that03:20with discovered 19 it was the moment03:23of vr at least it’s the moment of vr in03:26the rest of the world but in china03:28because we are not so uh03:30advanced compared to the rest of the03:31world um03:33it’s it was too early this crisis03:35arrived too early for us to really03:37uh try to bring solutions for that the03:40main solution would be03:41uh event in vr okay you have multiple03:45platform03:46uh doing event in vr uh one of the main03:50one i03:50i organized several events in vr so i i03:52know but how it works03:54one of the main one is called allspace03:56vr and it belongs to03:58microsoft now and so it’s a it’s a04:01it’s a bizarre thing you know it’s like04:03okay you you connect in vr you have04:05several of your friends all around the04:06world and everyone put this vr headset04:09and then you all go together into the04:11same environment04:13everyone has an avatar and where an04:15avatar you can talk to the avatar of04:17other people04:18we imagine that this kind of things04:19would start because of04:21the vid19 because it’s a better way to04:24meet for those04:24who are ready to to move in that field04:27and to um04:29uh and to embrace this kind of04:31technology it is super cool04:33okay you can visualize in 3d you can04:36share ideas in 3d you could import 3d04:38model and all04:39and everybody can discuss about04:41something in 3d04:43you can bring slides so all the avatars04:45are all looking04:46at slides and and you can organize04:48conference you can organize even04:50uh way better than zoom you know way04:52more cool way more04:54creative and you can you know express04:57yourself in04:58way more different way um05:01so i thought okay this is the good05:03moment to start having this kind of05:04thing and05:05yeah some companies started doing it05:08outside of china at least05:09but to have this thing working you need05:12to have a lot of vr headsets so it means05:14that every05:15participant needs to have a vr headset05:17you have also a you know like a05:19computer-based you know screen based05:21version that’s not as cool as05:22being in vr and wearing your avatar in05:24vr05:25uh so to have this thing working it05:28means that uh05:29everybody being in lockdown has to have05:31a vr headset at05:32home and uh everybody connects with them05:35so05:36who can do that uh probably only the vr05:38community05:39who has a vr headset at home for a real05:42company i don’t know healthcare company05:44they cannot ask their employee oh okay05:46everybody has a vr headset yeah no05:48nobody has you know05:49especially that during the the covet 1905:52uh05:52the supply chain was completely uh05:55broken05:56uh so many you know all the vr headsets05:59being provided to the world are all06:01coming from guangdong province in china06:04uh which is with the arts of the the06:06electronic06:07manufacturing so uh oculus06:10uh was uh out of stock impossible for06:13them to deliver more vr headset06:16to the united states and to the rest of06:17the world so it was06:19a big problem even if there could have06:21been a demand06:22at this time to really make this kind of06:24solution existing06:25it um it was not working because people06:28couldn’t06:29didn’t have a vr headset at home and06:31couldn’t even buy it online to have it06:32like06:33a few days after so we couldn’t really06:35use this moment where06:36where it would have been a great06:38momentum to actually uh start this06:40conferencing06:42and uh in china it was even worse06:44because the06:45the number of vr headset is even lower06:47than that06:48the the internet speed is not great so06:52in china to have a decent uh session in06:55in vr you need to have a good internet06:58you know and the internet will change06:59with07:00lower speed than the rest of the world i07:02saw some opportunities in doing training07:04in vr for nurse uh07:07and i saw some company developing uh07:10some uh07:11yeah some some learning tool you know to07:13quickly understand how to07:15handle uh patients that07:18have the the kavit to to quickly07:21distribute for example a process to07:23to to hospital and to train people in07:26hospital on how to to07:28handle like a new equipment or a new07:30procedure07:31vr is super cool vr works really well07:33because you put just a few vr headsets07:35into a hospital07:36and it’s a training room and then you07:38just send a piece of software or it’s07:40online and you just say hey we have a07:41new training available about this new07:44disease or this new procedure or these07:46new things07:46and every nurse just go for one or two07:48hour in vr07:49and they do it and they prepare that07:51kind of thing and you can07:53you can really learn how to do it and we07:56have some company we have a great07:57company07:58in china doing that uh all around the08:01world08:02uh doing this kind of thing so yeah08:04there was some opportunities for08:06for the vr for vr companies with kovid08:08but sometimes08:10some missing missing opportunities but i08:14guess08:14maybe it will come back at some point08:16any questions we will find an expert to08:18answer them08:19drop your questions in the comments or08:21send us an email08:23dx doshwayconsulting.comEnglish (auto-generated)

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