The First Pair of AR Glasses for e-Commerce may appear in China

Eloi Gerard from CrowsNest talks about the advantages and disadvantages of China’s AR market and the predicted trend. He also tells us the barriers of China’s AR industry and compares it with VR.

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00:04welcome to Daxue talks00:06a show powered by Daxue consulting a00:08china-based strategic market research00:10company founded in 2010.00:12my name is i’m in china for eight years00:15and i00:16now have a company dedicated to vr and00:18ar00:19uh based in shanghai for uh five years00:22now00:23so uh i had the chance to work with00:25several clients you know based around00:27asia it gives me i guess a good overview00:31of what’s happening in00:33virtual reality and now augmented00:36reality that becomes00:37from this year something00:40my clients are a travel business so i00:43have people like00:44club med like hyatt hotel uh00:48cars like pojo citroen i have like a00:51supermarket like the metro supermarket00:53and logitech in technology it’s quite00:56fast it goes00:57all around usually based here in01:00shanghai but also in hong kong01:02sometimes in korea sometimes a bit01:04around01:05which travel a bit around asia what is01:07the trends for chinese ar market in 202001:12so in china what we are good at in china01:16is hardware okay01:20we we can do hardware more efficiently01:24faster than the americans when i say we01:28i mean01:29not me with the people in china okay01:32and so it can go faster we can iterate01:35faster01:36from version to version what we are not01:39so good01:40is it software good in hardware01:43uh but where uh we are less good is in01:46software01:47uh who is very good in software google01:50facebook okay all these guys so the the01:53problem that we have01:54now is that we have to wait a little bit01:57that google is more advanced to develop01:59really android for02:00smart classes and this will really help02:03the02:04the market for for the hardware market02:06for china02:07to take off because we’ll just have to02:09use the software for free02:11that google android is developing and to02:14actually02:14have glasses that will be really good so02:16there will be kind of02:18a bizarre thing is that okay in the us02:20some glasses are02:21developed like magiclip and they are02:23very good but very expensive02:25we’re here we are doing cheap things but02:27the experience will also be cheap we02:29have to wait that it’s02:31it’s it’s going to be good02:34so yeah the other trends i think uh02:36china uh we have to focus really a lot02:39on02:39this company in beijing called enril uh02:42where they are releasing this first02:44consumer real consumer product02:46uh right now um it’s gonna be02:51a huge i think for our industry it will02:54be really important so that’s02:55yeah that’s a bit the the thing and then02:57we will still have the problem of the03:00content03:01um you know in vr as i told you03:04uh in other episodes uh in vr we have03:07this program in china is that03:09we are not good in content you know we03:10are not good gaming doing films03:13uh we are not good making something03:15entertaining storytelling narrative all03:17these things03:18but in ar we’ll have less this problem03:22because uh the application we will see03:24in ar03:24uh will be um more transactional you03:28know03:28so it will be a taobao in er that will03:31work you know where you can visualize03:32products in 3d directly you can choose03:34that you know03:35so you don’t need to do storytelling for03:37that you know you can you can03:38do this kind of thing so i think uh the03:42the we will probably see the first03:44e-commerce concept03:46in china more faster than in the us you03:48know03:49all these transactional applications03:51like the ability to you know03:53or the dd in in in ar you know all the03:57metron you know visualizing the food we04:00are working on this kind of thing04:02you know all everything which is quite04:04transactional where04:05probably that in the us they will focus04:07on gaming application or entertainment04:09application what is the main gross04:11barriers for china’s ar industry04:14a little bit of software but same as as04:18for04:18vr so so it’s like it’s still something04:21very uh04:22transdisciplinary uh concept so you have04:25to be good04:25yes in you have to be creative you have04:28to be good in in business you have to be04:30good in technology you know and all of04:32these04:32things together which is um uh not04:35the i mean there is no university of ar04:39or vr or xr you know uh in in04:42here where you have more uh you know04:45like04:46digital studies in the us or in europe04:48where people are like04:50learning on all these different things04:54in04:54in the same times and having this04:56understanding of this this concept04:59um i still think that of course we we05:01are not really aware of what’s going on05:03outside of china because of the firewall05:06so05:06so many companies are not really aware05:08of the standards that exist outside you05:11know so we are05:12for example uh discussing about webxr so05:15it webxr will be the05:16the new generation of the internet you05:19know05:20uh in the space so webxr it means that05:23you will have uh you have that you will05:26have you have already now05:28in ar glasses you have a browser so in05:30microsoft it’s microsoft edge05:32you know uh in uh android device it is05:35chrome05:35you know and so you visualize website05:38okay and you can go you type the address05:40with your hands it’s a bit05:41not so easy but yet so you can05:45choose a website and then some of those05:48websites are ar05:49based you know if you are in vr they are05:51vr based05:52and there is a standardization of that05:54so uh where you can see oh05:56i don’t know imagine the taobao okay05:59when you06:00do and you arrive06:03and you can have the option to visualize06:04it in ar okay06:07and then from there06:10this requires a heavy standardization06:12like the web you know06:13and uh and china is not really06:14participating enough06:16into what’s going on in the us and we06:18need to have you know every website06:20working06:21in every browser and in every operating06:23system so all of this06:25is not very well compatible because06:27china is a bit too outside of the06:29uh the the world06:32let’s see you know the international uh06:34discussion uh on that06:37and um yeah but but i think that uh06:40uh barrier i think there will be less06:42barrier than vr uh06:43in er i think it will be because you see06:45the real world06:47uh you can wear your glasses06:50almost anywhere you know except when you06:53sleep06:54so you can just use it all the time so06:58i have i have people telling me for vr07:01for example where they say07:02your vr is not working you know nobody i07:05when i go to the metro i see nobody07:07wearing07:08vr glasses and you have to07:11why would you wear vr glasses in the07:13metro because07:14in the metro to play video games you07:17know in vr07:17you are in different world it would be07:19very dangerous to to play vr07:21in the metro isn’t it or in the street07:23so you use vr07:25at home you know you use vr like like a07:28gaming console you want to say07:29nobody’s using playstation in the metro07:32also you know07:33what what are you talking about so but07:35so vr it cannot be07:37cannot be used in all of these uh07:39situation or07:40at the office or you know in many in07:42many situations but ar you can wear it07:44all the time and you can use it as much07:47as you will use your smartphone07:49so uh it will be the the smartphone and07:52the computer07:53and the television and any screen that07:56you can imagine uh07:58that you know and and this is what you08:01where you will get all the information08:02so you will need to wear it all the time08:04so i think it will it will take it will08:06rapidly uh08:07go uh faster than vr any questions we08:10will find an expert to answer them08:12drop your questions in the comments or08:14send us an email08:15dx doshwayconsulting.comEnglish (auto-generated)Up nextAUTOPLAY11:05NOW PLAYINGDaxue Talks

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