How can AR change the way we work after Covid-19 in China.

In this episode, our guest Eloi Gerard from CrowsNest gives examples of how AR can be utilized after Covid-19 and shares cases in typical industries that can benefit from AR products in the future.

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00:04welcome to Daxue talks00:06a show powered by Daxue consulting a00:08china-based strategic market research00:10company founded in 2010.00:12my name is i’m in china for eight years00:15and i now have a company dedicated to vr00:18and ar00:19based in shanghai for five years now00:23so uh i had the chance to work with00:25several clients you know based around00:27asia it gives me i guess a good overview00:31of what’s happening in00:33virtual reality and now augmented00:36reality that becomes00:37from this year something00:40my clients are a travel business so i00:43have people00:44like club med like hi at hotel00:47uh cars like pojo citroen i have00:51like a supermarket like the metro00:52supermarket and00:54logitech in technology it’s quite vast00:57it goes all around00:58usually based here in shanghai but also01:01in hong kong01:02sometimes in korea sometimes a bit01:04around01:05which travel a bit around asia how has01:08ar01:08been utilized in china during the covet01:11outbreak01:12can you provide some interesting01:13examples01:15so you know we are at the beginning of01:16this industry so you don’t have01:18much glasses hardware working very well01:22now so it’s really made for factories uh01:26and uh so so it’s not yet consumer but01:28for factories you know like01:30the demand we have from stress to do01:32remote collaboration01:34it is because of kovid because from01:36china we cannot go anywhere01:38so we need to collaborate with the01:40factory and to uh and to have01:42a proper collaboration with with them01:45what we would do in01:46normal times is just we fly there and we01:48go and we visit the factory and we help01:50with the people01:52but now we cannot go there so horror01:54plans is quite appropriate you know to01:55help and to guide other people01:57doing that but this is a first case uh02:00more than that um uh in general02:03uh ar is super good for social02:06distancing02:08a super good tool avatar doesn’t02:10transmit any disease02:12it really helps to create new tools for02:15collab to collaborate02:16and to interact with people or with the02:19world02:19without the need to actually being in02:21the same room so it it it can help a lot02:25you have a lot of application for um02:29for meeting in ar where02:33many startups are working on that so02:35this is the skype of the future so right02:37now we have this02:38little zoom meeting but uh the02:42the the interaction that we are working02:44on right now and that will start02:46appearing in one year and two years you02:48know in apple glasses and in old02:50android glasses that are going to be02:52released will be that02:53you and me will have ar glasses and02:56um you in your meeting room uh03:00there will be a an avatar of me03:03in front of you you know and uh we will03:06simulate the fact that03:07i am in your uh meeting room03:10with you because my you will visualize03:13my avatar through your glasses03:15and me here i am in this hotel and i03:17have glasses03:18and uh i will have a conversation with03:21your avatar in my own environment03:23here at the bar of this hotel okay03:27so this is the meeting of the future03:28this is the collaboration of the future03:30where03:31offices will be disrupted you know where03:34we won’t need to go03:35into a real offices in a real office we03:38could stay at home or we could03:39go in another place you know and then03:42create03:43simulate a meeting with other people03:46what is your prediction of how many03:48years03:48it will take us to reach this type of03:50meeting03:52platform for this kind of meetings you03:54have a platform called special03:57that i didn’t try but for those who04:00tried04:00it’s quite already good so i guess a04:04few months of developments are still04:06needed because when you see good it’s04:08not04:09good but but i mean it’s there there is04:11no04:12big challenge probably04:15you probably need to improve a little04:17bit the user experience in that thing04:19and then uh and then the hardware itself04:22uh is not yet there so the right now04:26we still we are still in development too04:29you know so unreal is in uh04:30development you have a solar lenses for04:32factory so it’s not yet something that04:35you can wear uh every day you know uh04:39like you and me we would wear at the04:40office you know and that would replace04:42your computer and our phone04:44but this so for unreal in china04:47uh they promised that it would be04:48released in uh04:50last quarter so the they are there is04:53delay because of kobe04:55so um now they think that it will be uh04:58their consumer version will be released05:01in q3 so05:02this this quarter uh but okay let’s05:05assume that05:05there will be some more delay but this05:07year i mean05:08this year within the next months we will05:11have at some point05:12the first uh real consumer glasses that05:15can05:16uh can that you and me can wear which05:18will still be the first version you know05:20it’s like the first the first uh smart05:23watch you know it’s not going to be05:24very common but you will have the first05:26first use case the first people trying05:28first application05:30and then it will take several years05:33before uh05:33actually reaching a regular05:38the regular people there is also that it05:41will take05:42probably one more year so the device05:43that you will see this year05:45will will be wired to your smartphone05:48and it will still take one more year to05:50have uh probably05:52uh the first glasses without wire at all05:55but that will be connected to your05:56smartphone so it will still be05:59only a display at the end and all the06:01computation will be done on the06:03processing part on the with the06:04the processor of your smartphone which06:06means also all your apps and all your06:08existing things06:09so when you when you will have these06:10glasses you just visualize in a06:13different way06:14your smartphone and it’s not a new06:15device where you are oh i need to06:17reinstall everything oh06:18no you don’t want that you accept it you06:21just want to visualize everything you06:22have on your platform06:23in which sectors industries is ar06:25technology most utilized in china06:30so for the moment it is not really used06:32okay let’s not06:34uh go too far so it’s uh06:38i think the the first thing where china06:40uh06:41is experiencing i find that there are06:43experience and where it will go it’s06:44really in06:47uh e-commerce about um what we call06:50virtual try on06:51so where you have your phone in ar06:54and you look at your shoes and we can06:56replace your shoes06:58to you know buy sneakers and adidas07:01sneakers and then we do07:02a cool tool where you can select and you07:04can choose to color07:06the model of interest where you can07:08really visualize07:09uh on new some products07:13so this is pure e-commerce application07:16where the software is very hard because07:18we have to you know07:19we have to put a 3d model on your feet07:21it’s like the dimension07:23it doesn’t work very well but we are07:25reaching that kind of thing so07:27it’s an example but i imagine for food07:29it will be a capital07:31everything which also needs a dimension07:34so uh if you uh want to buy a car07:39if you want to buy i don’t know07:40something which where the size is07:42important07:43like let’s say you want to order some07:45food you know you want to order a07:47spaghetti uh from a store you07:50you uh from roma you right now you see07:54the picture07:55but the picture doesn’t really represent07:56very well reality but if you could07:58visualize any ar the entire dish08:00and the size of it and being like okay08:03this is how it looks like this is the08:04size of it08:05looks really big it’s i think i think08:07this is enough for two people08:08this type of question that you always08:10have i think that the er can solve a lot08:13so08:14so many uh i think many e-commerce08:16concepts08:17will uh emerge in ar08:21again travel as an industry hotels08:25yeah airlines giving information about08:28the location where you are08:31that would be that would be big i think08:33advertising will be disrupted by er08:36er will be very important you know at08:39blockers08:40uh so uh right now many people are using08:43ad blockers on08:44on their computer to not see advertising08:47the future is that08:48you can use ad blockers for real life so08:50you have ar glasses and each time you08:52see an advertising book it disappear08:55isn’t it each time that there is the08:56brand coca-cola08:58it disappear or disappear or it09:01it’s replaced by an advertising uh09:03managed by google for example or by09:05another by facebook or by another09:07platform you know09:08or by a new emerging platform in09:10advertising so i think09:11in advertising there will be a new way09:13of doing that and the old model of09:16outdoor advertising will progressively09:18disappear09:19because we can so easily remove it from09:22an augmented reality world and we can09:26also09:26do something way more engaging way more09:283d you know way more09:30interactive uh compared to just a09:33billboard09:34in an airport right so so there will be09:36many new ideas about that09:38this is why google is so interested in09:40they are facebook so interested in they09:41are their business model is about09:43advertising community09:46so that uh and09:49gaming gaming of course you know pokemon09:52go is already very popular but you will09:54have more and more09:54games being in the space you know where09:56we can merge existing09:58i mean physical game you know i don’t10:00know physical sports10:04where you know treasure hunt10:07but also i mean football i mean every10:11sports can be now being done remotely10:13you know you can play tennis with10:14someone being in los angeles and you are10:16here in shanghai10:17because it’s just about okay just10:19visualizing your10:20your your teammate you know and and you10:23don’t need10:24so you will have many new types of games10:26where we can merge10:27you know sports real sports with a10:30digital10:31concept there will be new new ideas10:33about that10:34and uh a last sector that i think would10:37be the most important would be10:39offices the concept of office10:42where we go every morning to have a desk10:47where we have the keyboard and where we10:49have the screen10:50and we need this desk of you know two10:52square meter10:54if we don’t need a computer if you don’t10:56need a keyboard10:58and we just have everything with us in11:00the clouds and in glasses11:03then uh do we need to actually go11:06to a physical office any questions we11:09will find an expert to answer them11:11drop your questions in the comments or11:13send us an email11:14dx doshwayconsulting.comEnglish (auto-generated)Up next

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