Main competitors and potential trends in the Chinese AR market – Daxue Talks 92

Description: Although AR technology may not sound familiar to most people, it is a market which is predicted to have high potential in the future. In this episode, Eloi Gerard, CEO at CrowsNest, introduces the competitive landscape and trends of the AR market globally and nationally. He also shares several cases where AR is utilized and benefit companies and customers.

Full Transcript: 00:04welcome to Daxue talks00:06a show powered by Daxue consulting a00:08china-based strategic market research00:10company founded in 2010.00:12my name is i’m in china for eight years00:15and i now have a company dedicated to vr00:18and ar00:19based in shanghai for uh five years now00:23so uh i had the chance to work with00:25several clients you know based around00:27asia it gives me i guess a good overview00:31of what’s happening in00:33virtual reality and now augmented00:36reality that becomes00:37from this year something00:40my clients are a travel business so i00:43have people00:44like club med like hi at hotel00:47uh cars like pojo citroen i have00:51like a supermarket like the metro00:52supermarket and00:54logitech in technology it’s quite fast00:57it goes all around00:58usually based here in shanghai but also01:01in hong kong01:02sometimes in korea sometimes a bit01:04around01:05which travel a bit around asia who are01:08the main ar01:09players in the chinese market01:12before going into the into the chinese01:15market01:16on augmented reality i i think it’s01:18important to have an01:19understanding of what are the main key01:20players in the world and in the world01:22being01:23in america the first player being01:26microsoft and microsoft is doing uh01:28classes called hololens uh they did01:32hololens one like four or five years ago01:34and now they just release hololens too01:37we just received it in some territories01:39in the world we received it in china01:40a few weeks ago and we are doing01:43actually our first project now with the01:45hololens 2.01:47so it’s a glass is really made for the01:50the factory so which01:53fits really well uh with china uh01:56because we have using many factories01:58uh so where the the worker can wear02:00these glasses and02:01receive some instruction or talk to02:03someone else you know without02:05the need to use his hands and manipulate02:07his smartphone or computer he can02:09receive all this information there02:11so microsoft being one of the main02:12players they invested billions of02:14dollars into02:15ar second big company in the us it’s02:18called02:18magic leap and magiclip is based in02:21florida in the u.s02:23and they are more focusing on02:25entertainment and02:26b2c really than trying to do consumer02:30application in ar gaming02:34okay of course and other cool things and02:37imagining that02:38at some point uh everyone will where we02:41will see02:42the glass will be a screen and you will02:44see all02:45different applications that you can see02:47on your phone right now or on the02:48computer02:49and the magic clip developed that kind02:51of things but it didn’t work really well02:53uh and they tried to raise02:56billions of dollars also from alibaba02:58and from different big players03:00from google but we we’ve seen the report03:03a few months ago that03:05actually the first wave of the glasses03:07that they sold03:08it was only like 6 000 units so it’s03:11extremely small03:12so uh it didn’t work very well because03:14it was too expensive03:15bulky to not not not so good in the end03:18so magic clip is a huge trouble but one03:21of the employees of magic leap left03:24magic03:24many years ago and created his own03:26company in beijing03:28and he’s chinese and this is where03:32uh augmented reality in china starts i03:34mean no you had03:35other company but his company is really03:38the main one03:39and it’s called unreal and uh they are03:42super cool people in beijing03:43uh really trying to make this thing03:45working it’s extremely hard to do03:47augmented reality you know of course the03:50hardware is extremely complicated03:51because you need to have03:52this little screen in glasses you know03:55in a transparent glasses03:57and then you have to have the software03:58making it all working where you can have04:003d objects in the space calculating all04:02the space04:03it’s super hard and these guys they04:06really try to04:08to make it working and we have a04:13a developer version of the glasses uh so04:15and that we are playing with it’s04:17it’s working well uh so we think it will04:20be04:20one of the main player uh it will be a04:23glasses that you can uh plug to your04:25phone okay04:26so uh it’s uh it’s wired04:30uh and you plug it to your phone and you04:32can use for example the 5g04:33of your phone to actually display very04:35heavy content04:37this is what unreal is trying to do uh04:39second i think a04:41major ar company04:45in china it’s a shadow creator so the04:48creators04:48started from here from shanghai and they04:51did few headset04:53first er then some vr and now they have04:56a headset called04:57gmo which is a standalone headset so you05:00have everything being in the headset05:02and uh you uh where you have little05:05battery that you plug on it is quite05:07funny it’s quite05:08it’s quite ingenious uh system05:11uh where so you don’t have to plug it to05:13a phone you have a microprocessor05:14everything uh05:15which is inside it’s quite light uh the05:18only problem is that it’s still05:19a bit warm so when you wear it it’s05:22still um05:22you know because the processing power is05:24that and then you have a super super05:26tiny05:27fan on the side which is doing05:30so it’s not yet perfect but it’s it’s05:33cool enough to do to do uh05:35many animation you know for events for05:37example it will work very well05:39so unreal and shadow creator i think are05:41the main one but you have other company05:43you have mad gaze uh you have a rocket05:46which is in hong joo and you have05:48probably many other companies trying to05:50do ar glasses05:52there is a huge um everybody05:55is seeing that problem as being the05:58smartphone of the future so06:00imagine the market of smartphones we are06:02talking about billions of units you know06:04people06:04everybody in this world need a06:05smartphone so we imagine that uh06:08in five years ten years the market will06:10be where06:12everybody will need smart classes okay06:15apple06:15is doing that also very soon there is a06:18there are06:18multiple rumors for many years but we06:21can expect that06:22um now is the time because the06:24processing power06:25is now good enough and small enough uh06:29so06:29you don’t need that much battery to06:31really have good er glasses so there is06:34no reason why06:36apple wouldn’t do that and so we can06:38imagine that apple will release06:40some some repositories that they would06:42announce it in a few months and it will06:44be released in06:45one year maybe in two years but it06:47doesn’t matter it’s like06:48there is like a trance you know to see06:51that um06:52apple and all the other players being06:54android based uh06:56are working on that you know samsung06:58working on that you know everybody is06:59working on that07:00we lenovo we imagine that uh07:03we will have uh they all see that as the07:06next computing platform07:07the next uh smartphone so yeah that’s a07:10little bit07:10the big landscape in the us and uh and07:13here07:14what is the main ar technology used in07:16china07:18the first case is um factories yes07:22so for example right now we’re working07:24for a company called suez07:26uh which is doing a recycling07:31and water treatment so you know big07:33factories and these kind of things07:35and just to give you an idea of the type07:37of use case you can have07:39the the are a need for remote07:42collaboration so it means that07:44someone in a factory in a country07:47outside of china07:49is in need of communicating with a07:52headquarter for example here in shanghai07:55and it’s a worker in uh in the factory07:58you know and he has to do a specific08:00operation that he doesn’t know how to do08:02uh he can wear these glasses uh which is08:05hollow lens here08:06and it doesn’t have to handle the08:08computer because it is there so it can08:10manipulate08:12some machines you know and the camera of08:15hololens will08:16record what he’s doing and will08:19stream that video to someone in shanghai08:23so in the same time that he’s08:25manipulating something08:26uh we see what exact ly what he’s doing08:28so you can show and say oh08:29is it this blue wire that i have to cut08:32you know exactly like in a film you know08:33where you have the bomb08:34and someone has to cut the wire is it08:36the blue one the yellow one no no08:38it is you know it is exactly this kind08:40of thing08:41so we can remotely help someone uh who08:43doesn’t understand anything about bombs08:46uh on uh on how to uh how to deal with08:48that08:49so this is a first use case for for08:52factory08:53but for factory second big use case is08:55an help08:56then being automatic not in a remote08:58condition but like being automatic where09:00a worker doesn’t know anything about09:03specific machine but he’s wearing these09:05glasses09:06and the glass because a hollow lens can09:08scan09:09in 3d objects and09:12can cross reference also the position09:14where where09:16we are you can point you know with your09:19glass at a specific machine09:21and the the glasses will recognize that09:24oh this machine09:25and for this machine this is how it09:28should work09:29and the glass will show you you know in09:32the space with little09:33arrow you know with little circle and09:35say oh here you have to take this09:38specific thing to turn there then you do09:41that then you09:42push on this button and everything is is09:45explained for you to to be able to09:47manipulate this machine09:48without the without the need to09:51understand anything of what you are09:52doing09:53see so anybody can up become specialist09:55of something by just wearing the glasses09:57and you just do okay oh09:58i turn this thing okay cool up and you10:01do this whole thing10:02so that’s that’s quite a lot of use case10:05other things that we are doing uh and10:07that uh10:08i see a huge uh i think opportunity for10:11augmented reality is for travel10:13okay here more for consumer uh10:17uh right now for example we are working10:19on a a travel assistant10:22uh which is uh in augmented reality so10:24through10:25we are doing it through the phone but it10:27will be after for10:28for glasses also where uh you know you10:31use your phone10:32to uh in a hotel and uh the phone knows10:36in which hotel you are and in which room10:38you are and uh10:39appears in front of you a little avatar10:41a character that we10:43design you know and uh this you can10:45interact with this character10:47to uh access all the service of the10:49hotel you know where is the laundry10:51room service uh where is the gym uh10:55i need to extend my stay you know all10:57these things that you could do10:59via the phone or going to the front desk11:01so11:02we think it’s important because ar helps11:05to to give you information11:08about the space and11:12the value of having information about11:14the space is even more important when11:15you are in a space that you don’t know11:18isn’t it if you are at home you don’t11:20need to have an information to tell you11:21ah where is the11:22where is the switch to turn on or off11:24the light because you just need to learn11:26it and then you know it for your life11:27isn’t it11:28but in a hotel for travelers who are11:30moving from hotel to hotel11:32each time they arrive in a new hotel11:34it’s a new environment where they don’t11:35know anything where11:36they need to know where is the11:37restaurant where is the breakfast you11:39know all plenty of information11:41because it’s a new world for them it’s11:42not necessarily in their own language11:44so ar is quite appropriate for that we11:46imagine ar11:47for museum you know helping to guide you11:50in a museum11:52visiting shanghai you know we think11:54about doing an experience to to help you11:56on the bond you know where we can11:58describe for you every building at the12:00bond you know all these famous buildings12:01and12:02and give you the story of that in12:03augmented reality while you are looking12:05at it12:05you receive this information about that12:08so we see travel as being a12:10great case for uh ar so that’s a bit uh12:14that12:14um so we see all travel brands uh of12:17course hotels but airlines being12:19interested in that12:20tourism boards you know all and every12:23brand being associated with12:25discovering something which is not known12:27any questions12:28we will find an expert to answer them12:31drop your questions in the comments or12:33send us an email12:34dx

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