A Virtual Staff for your Hotel

Anna speaks English and Chinese and sells your Services to your Guests

Hire a Virtual Staff to Save Costs

→ Reduce Customer-facing workload.

→ No need to hire expensive staff speaking English and Chinese.

→ Anna is duplicated in all your rooms automatically.

→ Save on training costs; tell Anna once and she will never forget.

Improve your Rating

→ Welcome your guests with a modern digital experience.

→ Deliver critical instructions to your guests and make sure they enjoy an impeccable stay.

→ Serve your guests in English & Chinese (Japanese & Korean coming soon).

→ Improve safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Anna provides natural Social Distancing without compromising the hospitality experience

→ Build trust with your guest. Concierge Anna shares accurate standardized information about your place and surroundings.

Sell More and Increase your RevPAR

→ Automatically suggest an upgrade. When the guests discover their room, Anna can present your other Rooms or property.

→ Promote your room service offer, All-Day-Dining, or the restaurants nearby.

→ Advertise your Massage, Spa, Gym, and Swimming Pool.

→ Sell Souvenirs, Cosmetics, Travel Accessories, and numerous products. Anna presents all your inventory.

→ Push your announcements. Anna broadcasts your Happy Hour or Cooking Class.

Attract the Next Generation of Affluent Travelers

→ Focus on technology to attract a younger crowd. Anna is a cutting-edge 3D Avatar powered by Artificial Intelligence in Augmented Reality.

→ Sell more to Generation Z travellers. They prefer a digital interaction compared to a real staff member.

→ Avoid iPad investments that would become obsolete in 2 years. Anna appears directly on the smartphone of your guests (Android and Apple smartglasses like nreal coming soon).

→ Integrate Anna to your existing PoS, PMS, or Hotel Management software on demand.

Try Anna now in your Hotel

We only need your room directory to create your Anna. You will receive a QR code that guests can use to access Anna. We have a deeper integration with Line and WeChat users.

“We are proud to use Anna as an upgraded service. It is a fantastic combination of delivering information instantly and with 100% accuracy, eliminating service failures that usually take place with human interaction. We are convinced that this is the way moving forward in meeting the guest’s needs and delivering a consistent high level of service.”
Eric Jan van Haastrecht, General Manager of the Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel

About Us

CrowsNest XR has been founded in 2015 by Eloi Gerard and Rob Ellis. We are an international team living in Shanghai, China for many years. Our background is Filmmaking, Producing, Programming, and Marketing. We created CrowsNest to focus on immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The name CrowsNest evokes the sailor on top of the mast of a boat looking all around him, in 360 degrees, in the vast space.